TCS Lidingöloppet - Running for the whole family

Ever since the first Lidingölopp race in 1965, we have motivated people of all ages to walk, jogg and run.

TCS Lidingöloppet is without a doubt a great challenge, no matter which race and distance you participate in.Whether your aim/goal is to run faster than your brother in law, get a better time than last year, or just to start jogging at all. We at Lidingöloppet can with our 51 years of experience, promise you this is one of the most motivating challenges you'll ever do.

Which race is for you? Read more about our different races below.


TCS Lidingöloppet is the major event of the weekend.You can choose distances from 10km to the classic 30km. These races are for both men and women. The 30km is the race for you who wants to run and experience a race out of the extraordinary.

The Pink Ribbon race is a 10km race and the official race for women. The course runs on the same last 10km as TCS Lidingöloppet. Experience the race and energy together with thousands of other women, through beautiful scenery.

TCS Little Lidingöloppet is the race for children between the ages of 7 to 15 years. The course is 1,7km for the youngest, up to 6km for the older children. This is the perfect race for children who want to run a race on time, compeet agains or just run and have fun.


Kiddie's race is a fun-run for the youngest children between 3 and 6 years old. The children can choose to run on their own or together with a grown up.The course is 1,7km and no time is recorded in this race.

TCS LidingöRuset and TCS Lidingö Wheelchair  is a 1,7km or 4km for persons with intellectual or physical disability. Here one can go along the beautiful course, either on your own or together with a friend.

Lidingö walking is free from time recording. Choose your own pace. Either stroll, walk or power walk the courses 4km or 10km, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Lidingö.


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