Questions and answers

Here you'll find the most common questions asked.

If you do not find the answer to your question, please contact Lidingöloppet at info @ lidingoloppet. se or call our office, during office hours 10 am -4 pm, +46 8-765 26 15.

Can I change start group?
There is no possibility to change your start group. Competitors are seeded according to results from previous year, or results presented from other competitions, when entering the race.

Do I need to wear the number bib?
Yes, all participants must wear the number bib on the chest, placed so that it is clearly visible.

Is there a maximum time?

Yes, but only in the 30 km race. The participants must pass:
15 km at 15.50
20 km at 16.40
25 km at 17.30

The last group starting in the 30 km race, starts at 13.50 o'clock.

Can I buy a persons running number?
Yes. A person can purchase another persons running number. It must be in the same sex(woman from woman, man from man). When purchasing a participants running number, the new participant must do a change of name. This must be done before the race start.

Change of name
A change within the same class and sex is permitted at the number bib distribution. This can be done at a cost of 300 SEK fee. Proof of start(the Start magazine with the running number) of the registered competitor must be presented.

I haven't recieved my verification of Start in the post?
All entered participants will recieve a Start magazine in the post in the midle of September, approximately 10 days before the race. On the back of the Start magazine, your running number is shown.

Will children get a medal after finishin their race?
Yes, all children will recieve a medal when they finish their race. Knatteloppet(Kiddie's race) and TCS Lilla Lidingöloppet(TCS Little Lidingöloppet).

What kind of energy drink is served in the race?
It is Enervit

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