Wellness allowance

During the summer, the entry fee for running races is included in the wellness allowance that employers can give employees completely tax-free. This means that you can now use the wellness allowance for your entry fee for one of our races at the TCS Lidingöloppet. Hooray we say


1. Check with your employer if you have a wellness allowance
Consult your employer if you have a wellness allowance, and if so, what amount it corresponds to. The wellness allowance is deductible for your employer and tax-free for you.

2. Register your registration (see right column)
Sign up for one of the TCS Lidingöloppet and save the payment confirmation.

3. Give the payment confirmation to your employer, who will reimburse you for the specified amount.


Can the wellness allowance be used for all races that Lidingöloppet arranges?
Answer: Yes, all Lidingöloppet events are covered. Lidingöloppet MTB, Vårmilen, Blodomloppet and all races during TCS Lidingöloppet weekend.

Can the wellness allowance be used to buy exercise equipment for Lidingöloppet?
Answer: No, the fitness allowance can only be used for the entry fee and does not include the purchase of equipment before the races.

Can I use the wellness allowance for the year 2020 as an entry fee for a race next year?
Answer: Yes, the wellness benefit is based on the year the employee pays the entry fee.

How much can a registration cost a maximum to be covered by the wellness allowance?
Answer: An individual registration may cost a maximum of SEK 1,000. So all races at Lidingölopet are included!

Can the wellness allowance be used for massage after a race?
Answer: Yes, sports massage meets the requirements for wellness and is therefore covered by the wellness allowance.

Can the wellness allowance be used for the travel cost to and from a race, e.g. for bus travel or parking?
Answer: No, transport costs are not included in the wellness allowance.

Does the wellness allowance apply to self-employed people?
Answer: The tax-free wellness allowance only applies to employees.

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