Honorary awards & the Veteran Club

Honorary awards

Annual diploma:
Sent home to all runners who have completed 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55 Lidingö races/ Rosa Bandet-lopp (The Pink Ribbon Race). (TCS Lidingö Knattelopp/TCS Lilla Lidingöloppet is not included)

After 25 completed Lidingölopp 30 km, you will receive:

  • Lidingöloppet's plaque of honor with name inscription, (max one race per year).
  • Unique race number that follows you as long as you participate in the 30 km distance.
  • Possibility to start in starting group 1X.

The plaque is sent out to those who are eligible in the fall after the race. From 2021, you do not need to contact the office to receive your award.

After 40 completed Lidingölopp 30km you will receive:
Free personal registration fee for the rest of your life. To take part in the benefit, please contact info@lidingoloppet.se.

This does not apply to registrations via third parties or already completed registrations.

The Veteran Club

In order to be included in Lidingöloppet's Veteran Club, at least 30 completed Lidingölopp or Rosa Bandet-lopp (The Pink Ribbon Race)  (Lidingö Knattelopp and Lilla Lidingöloppet not included) are required at any distance. Each runner can count a maximum of one race per year.

Benefits as a member of Lidingöloppet's Veteran Club:
After you have completed 30 races or more, you are invited to next years Lidingöloppet's Veteran Club Meeting, which is organized in conjunction with the TCS Lidingölopp Weekend, during which you will be recognized for your fine efforts over the years.

After at least 30 races, you will the following year receive a Lidingölopp Veterans Club t-shirt. A separate e-mail will be sent to you about this after registration has been completed.


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