The test panel reviews this year's official Lidingöloppet shoe and t-shirt!

TCS Lidingöloppet is proud to launch this year's official Lidingöloppet collection 2021, with a shoe and a t-shirt which have been designed for this year's event. In this part of Lidingölabbet (the Lidingö Lab), our test panel participants have tried the equipment, and share their impressions of it.  

André: The praparation for TCS Lidingöloppet is in full swing and the base training is going according to plan. A highlight in the weekly schedule is my 90 minute long run along parts of the TCS Lidingöloppet trail and the area around it.

The Lidingöloppet shirt and the Kinvara-shoes with a palette in natural colors fit the scenic  surroundings I run in and are a great reminder about the race this fall! The shoe is light, flexible, and provide good stability - an all-around-shoe which fits both distance- and interval runs!

Åsa: The shirt has a comfortable fit, but the best thing about it is the color. The shoes are light and give a better feel on the surface than my other running shoes. 

Magnus: I like to have two shoes to vary between and I already have a pair of Saucony Ride13 which I use for distrance training.  

It is thus great to now have a light shoe for the faster intervals and for races, and Kinvara is perfect for that.

They are light but still provide cushioning. Comfortable to run in.
You get energized from using them on faster runs.

Louise: Great looking shoes which are very comfortable, even on the first run. Have a tightt fit around the whole foot and have a comfortable cushioning in the stride, especially on harder surfaces. 

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