Cancerfonden and Lidingölabbet answer questions about cancer prevention!

Rosa Bandet-loppet on the 25th of September is a celebration of movement, with the message that all physical activity reduces the risk for cancer. In the video below, Maiju Wetterhall, an expert in lifestyle at Cancerfonden (the Swedish Cancer Society), shares tips on how to incorporate movement in all other days of the year, and why doing so is important for a long and healthy life.

Rosa Bandet-loppet (the Pink Ribbon-race) is a folk festival on the 25th of September which celerates movement and the fight against cancer. In the video above, Maiju Wetterhall, an expert at Cancerfonden (the Swedish Cancer Society) describes why this message should not just be celebrated during the event itself, but highlighted all days of the year. Research, she points out, shows that consistent, physical activity reduces the risk of a number of cancers, including breast-, colorectal-, and rectal cancer.

She therefore encourages everyone to engage in physical activity during all days of the year. The more movement you get into everyday life, the better the conditions are for the body to prevent cancer. One advice is, for example, to include running, tag games, and other activities with the children - both for one's own well-being and to provide young people an active lifestyle.

When autumn is here, Rosa Bandet-loppet will be ready to celebrate the joy of movement - either as an inspiring start to a new, active lifestyle, or as a celebration of a year of sustained exercise. Regardless of which, you are, through your participation, part of long-term fight against cancer - for each registration, SEK 100 goes in full to support Cancerfonden and the world's most advanced cancer research.

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