ICA's recipe panel: Snacks which imporve running performance

ICA's recipe panel: Snacks which imporve running performance

In the previous article, Lidingölabbet elaborated on how nitrate-rich foods - such as beets, arugula and kale - enhance running performance. With these foodstuffs, you can thus get ready for your best Lidingöloppet ever. One issue, however, is that nitrate also has a characteristic bitter taste. In this part of Lidingölabbet, ICA therefore gives advice on nitrate-rich - and delicious - snacks to prepare you for your upcoming feats. 

How nitrate affects the body
Nitrate is converted to nitric oxide in the body - a molecule that makes the body consume less oxygen to generate energy. When the available oxygen lasts longer, the stamina increases. The muscles simply become more efficient.

What groceries are particularly rich in nitrate?
Beetroot juice is an efficient source of nitrate. But you can also eat spinach, arugula, chard, kale, rhubarb or other green leafy vegetables. To achieve effect, you need to consume 2-3 beets or 150 grams of arugula about 2-3 hours before you perform physically. 

Cook with nitrate
There are many ways to include nitrate-rich ingredients in smoothies, shots or juices that dampen the otherwise bitter taste. The recipes below are just as suitable in preparation for physical challenges as for a little extra enjoyment in everyday life:

Beet juice
In this healthy juice, the beets are accompanied by apples and juicy oranges. Swipe a glass and be ready to run full speed!

Green strength
Do like Popeye and load with spinach! Mixed with apples, fennel and lemon, you get a fresh juice that gives you extra energy.

Strengthening shot
A juice with superfoods like broccoli, pomegranate seeds and orange. Gives you an extra light feeling in the slopes.

Energy smoothie
Give yourself a great start to the day - or an optimal energy recharge in the afternoon.

Kale smoothie with mango
A source of new strength which is both healthy and delicious!

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