Get muscles and joints ready for vacation training!

The expert team at Ormsalva shares advice on how to prepare your body for runs on hard surfaces this summer!

Get muscles and joints ready for vacation training!

Running during vacation trips can be challenging. Although you may have the freedom to choose when to run, you do not always have the same selection of running surface as you do at home. Lidingölabbet has therefore received expert advice from Ormsalva on how to prevent injuries when running on hard surfaces during the summer holidays.

1. What kind of products can you apply to prevent injuries in connection with asphalt running this summer?
Liniment is generally great for preventing injuries, relieving pain and helping muscles and joints to recover faster. You can for example apply Ormsalva Aktiv or Original to warm up your legs, back or shoulders before your runs, depending on the outdoor temperature. If you have a problem area where you would need a little more heat, we suggest spot treatment with for example Ormsalva Extreme or Ormsalva Insane.

After the workout and the shower, apply a cooling liniment, for example Ormsalva Freeze Power. If it has been a cold and rough training session, Ormsalva Magnesium is recommended, which simultaneously recovers the body's magnesium levels. Both products accelerate the recovery process. For additional effect, massage the products a little deeper in combination with  massage oil.

2. Some liniments are warm, others are cold - do warming liniments work when it is a hot day outside?
Warming liniment also work when heated. What you can bear in mind though is that they can feel really hot if the sun touches the skin where the warming liniment is applied. On such days, choose a slightly milder liniment, or a cooling one. 

3. What do the products that prevent injuries contain? What words can one look out for?
In Ormsalva you find Arnica Montana, which is an ingredient which increases the blood circulation. Ingredients such as camphor and capsaicin (chili) are experienced as warming, and the opposite is menthol, which is experienced as cooling. These ingredients also contribute to the scent. If you are looking for a more neutral liniment, there is Ormsalva Original.

4. Are liniments as good on muscles as on joints? If there is a difference, which product should be used where?
The liniments basically helps increasing the blood circulation, which brings with it many positive effects on both muscles and joints. You get a faster recovery- and healing processes when the built-up lactic acid gets flushed out.

5. Which liniments can easily be brought in the hand luggage for those runners who are planning for an injury-free holiday abroad (are there products of less than 100ml)?
Our sticks are perfect for the trip. They can be applied before the trip if you sit for a long time in the car or in an airplane. In addition, they help to avoid sticky hands afterwards.

Happy holidays from the whole team at Lidingölabbet!

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