What shoes are the best for winter running?

What shoes are the best for winter running?

Many runners start their preparation for TCS Lidingöloppet just a few weeks before the race in September - a short preparation time which increases the risk of injury. Start your preparations early - on soft snowy roads and with plenty of time for a careful increase in training! To give yourself the most gentle start to your training, Lidingölabbet presents shoes for comfortable winter running:

Trail running shoes
Trail running shoes give you the freedom to run on trails and in the woods even during the winter. The grooves on under the trail running shoes provide balance and a durable grip on both compact snow and ice.

Peregrine 11 from Saucony is an incredibly versatile trail shoe and the model is a legend in trail running. The model's PWRTRAC rubber provides a stable grip on a varied surface, which is perfect for Sweden's running trails! Thanks to the shoe's shock absorption and good flexibility, Peregrine 11 is suitable for both trail running and asphalt but also for snowy surfaces.

Studded running shoes
Through small metal or plastic spikes on the outsole, studded running shoes provide a good grip on both ice and snow, and can therefore help to maintain a relaxed running step in terrain and on asphalt even when it is really slippery outside.

Speaking of which, Peregrine 11 is versatile! The outsole of Peregrine 11 is prepared to be dubbed or drilled for drainage (used mainly for swimrun), which gives you the opportunity to adapt the shoe to your needs. The studs can also be removed when the ice and snow disappear, and then drilled in again when winter is back in business.

Grip shoes
There is also a large selection of lighter shoes for asphalt running during the winter, on which the outsole is developed to provide grip on slippery and icy surfaces. Most grip shoes are developed to be both warming and water-repellent to make the feet properly protected on runs during the really cold winter months.

If you want that extra grip on ice, Peregrine ICE + from Saucony is a safe choice. Peregrine ICE + has the friction material VIBRAM ARTIC GRIP on the outsole, which gives you significantly better grip on ice and snow compared to a traditional running shoe. The upper part of the shoe is both warming and water-repellent, and together with extra reinforcements, offers a comfortable fit with the best stability and durability.

Ice cleats for running shoes
If you prefer to use your current running shoes even during the winter, there is a large selection of ice cleats which can be attached to the shoes and which are suitable for running. The ice cleats can also be removed when the ice and snow disappear, and then attached in again when winter returns. 


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