All you need to know about the TCS Lidingoloppet weekend

Live TV

During the TCS Lidingöloppet weekend, you have the opportunity to follow our races live, partly on our website and partly via Sportkanalen/Cmore. Below you can see our broadcast times for the weekend

Friday the 23rd of September

Easier transmission + target camera from 12:00 o'clock until the last finish line. You can follow the broadcast  HERE!

Saturday the 24th of September

Broadcast from the junior and veteran classes as well as the 15k race starting at 09:00. Simpler broadcast from the junior and veteran races, we then follow the 15k from the course all the way into the finish. You can follow the broadcast HERE!

Full broadcast from the classic 30k starting at 12:00. We follow the men's and women's density and keep an eye on the exercisers. Preliminary talk, interviews and summaries after the finish lines. The race is shown on Sportkanalen and Cmore and the broadcast ends at 14:45.

After 14.45 the broadcast continues HERE until the last runner has crossed the finish line.

Sunday the 25th of September

Simpler broadcasting from TCS Lilla Lidingöloppet and from TCS Lidingö Knattelopp is shown from 09:00. We then continue with the broadcast from Rosa Bandet-loppet, which starts at 13:20. The broadcast is shown HERE!

Live TV


Practical information

How do I best travel to the race? Where do I collect my number bib? What is the best place to stand to watch the races as a spectator?

In the Start Magazine you can read all the information you need for TCS Lidingöloppet 2022.

Read the Start Magazine here


Preliminary results

If you do not find your result, wait a few days and check the website again later. We are continuously updating with new information.





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