Anders quickest to register for TCS Lidingölopet 2023!

Being quick on one's feet has many advantages - on the running trails and in life at large. Someone who has taken note of it is Anders Hållberg, who was the fastest to register for TCS Lidingöloppet 2023! In this interview, he describes how his early registration is an inspiration to train through the autumn haze and winter darkness, and he also shares the exciting events which will frame his journey towards the race!

Anders quickest to register for TCS Lidingölopet 2023!

Your quick registration for TCS Lidingöloppet is a sign of determination and fast reflexes - do these qualities also distinguish you on the running trails?
- Haha, that would have been the dream! What rather distinguishes me as a runner right now is that I am on paternity leave with our second son, so a large part of my training consists of running with strollers. And that also enabled me to register quickly - I had not planned for it, but I figured that the registration would probably open just before it did.

What made you want to sign up early (was it the discount, the satisfaction after this year's race event, or something else?)
- I wanted to establish a goal for my training as early as possible! I know that I get some dips in my training motivation throughout the year - for example during the dark, cold, and snowy winters. Being registered for one or a few races early is thus necessary for me. And as a resident at Lidingö, and as a runner for IFK Lidingö Friidrott, TCS Lidingöloppet a must for me!

How did you experience TCS Lidingöloppet 2022?
- It was good! Beautiful autumn weather - even if it was almost a bit too warm. And as per usual when I have trained little cross-country running before the race, the last 6-7 km were tough. But I almost accomplished the time I was hoping for, and it was great to experience a normal, post-pandemic race with many runners and crowds again!

What does your dream race-event look like during TCS Lidingöloppet 2023?
- Hopefully I can train well until the race and beat my own record time, which is from 2018 - which means a time of 1:58 or better. I hope to feel strong during the last 10K, also in the hills, where I'm usually quite slow and get heavy legs.

You now have plenty of time to prepare for next year's running party - what are you looking forward to in the meantime (will you compete in other races, e.g. Vårmilen, or maybe qualify yourself in a digital race-event?)
- I like to compete, so I will probably run a few races, including Vårmilen on Lidingö in April. Since I live near the Lidingövallen track, I will also use it for a lot of training throughout the year. We are for example a group of runners who run the Lidingöloppet 30K course on Christmas, New Year's, Easter and Midsummer Eve, with mom and dad driving around arranging coffee breaks around the course. In the years since we started this tradition, we have experienced everything from 30 degrees to torrential rain, an ice rink, to half a meter of fresh snow - so I'm also looking forward to experiencing the seasons on the trail!

Follow Anders' example and sign up for TCS Lidingöloppet far in advance! Besides the advantages mentioned above, an early registration also gives more advantageous pricing. If you sign up before the 31st of October, you get a 20% discount on your registration!

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