TCS Lidingöloppet presents: This year's laurel wreath carriers

Even though the TCS Lidingöloppet weekend is marked annually by tens of thousands of personal victories, it is a special honor to obtain first place in the world's largest XC race. TCS Lidingöloppet is therefore proud to present this year's laurel wreath carriers (kranskulla and kransmas), who will hand out this year's victory wreaths and participate in the celebrations of the first prize winners.

TCS Lidingöloppet presents: This year's laurel wreath carriers

The tradition of victory wreaths in the Lidingö race has existed since 1968 and as usual this year's chosen ones come from the two organizing clubs. Laurel wreath carriers is Linda Skantze, high jumper from IFK Lidingö Athletics and Mårten Boström from IFK Lidingö Ski and Orienteering Club.

We meet two athletes with quite different backgrounds at the Lidingöloppet statue at Grönsta.

Linda is in the middle of her high jump career with several top positions at the Swedishs champs on her merit list. And despite her young age, she is a veteran in IFK Lidingö with almost 20 years at the club!

Mårten, on the other hand, has his real elite career behind him, despite a continued very high level in the forest. His credentials are impressive to say the least, with a WC victory in orienteering and - actually - a victory in Lidingöloppet on the list! Mårten is originally from Finland, and has lived with his family in Lidingö for nine years now, since he got the job as coach in IFK Lidingö Orientering.

How does it feel to have the honor of being crowned this year's winner in the Lidingö race?

Linda: I was very happy when I was asked! It is obviously full of honor, but also nervous. You don't want to cause it and be in the way in any way.

Mårten: It's really honouring. But unexpectedly, I thought my time had passed, so to speak.

What are your favorite memories of the Lidingö race?

Linda: I've done everything as an official, been at the hydration stop, the bag drop, been a forerunner and an afterrunner. And mascot! But I think the very best is probably the school jog. Seeing school children cheering each other on is wonderful! But the whole folk festival is fantastic.

Mårten: Getting to arrange with the club mates is nice. And the atmosphere along the track, with all the residents coming out to cheer. But of course – winning was also fun, of course!

Good luck this autumn with the assignment!


About Linda Skantze
27 years.
Family: Lives with partner in Traneberg.
Occupation: Digital specialist at Stadium.
Merit: Three fifth places in the high jump at the Swedish champs, and as a junior a SC silver and a SC bronze. And is actually holding a club record in Girls 15 shotput!
My goal with sports: First and foremost to constantly develop and to see how good I can be, to learn more and become stronger, faster, sharper - to always dare to challenge. And secondarily to improve my SC placings. The biggest goal has probably always been a senior international, Finnkampen would be magical.

About Mårten Boström
Age: 42 years.
Family: Wife and son Hugo, 3 years old. Lives on Lidingö.
Occupation: 50% trainer in IFK Lidingö Orienteering, 50% map maker.
Merits: Winner in lidingöloppet M22 2003, WC gold in orienteering at the sprint distance in 2013, 3rd in Lidingöloppet 30 km 2020.
Goal with the sport: To experience again the flow of pain-free running and to motivate my adepts to find their own drive towards their goals.

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