Lidingöloppet presents: the 2023 event calendar

Lidingöloppet proudly presents the running events in 2023 - a year which includes both new arrangements and beloved running traditions!

Lidingöloppet presents: the 2023 event calendar

Lidingöloppet proudly presents the race calendar for 2023: a year which includes both new events and all the running parties which for decades have gathered runners from across Sweden and the world:

The 29th of April: Vårmilen
On Saturday the 29th of April, Lidingöloppet welcomes you to Vårmilen, arranged along scenic 5K and 10K-courses. The race is a perfect opportunity to start the running season, to acquire a qualification time for TCS Lidingöloppet, and to try out the TCS Lidingöloppet courses.
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The 24th of May: Järva Skolstafett (the Järva School Relay)
In collaboration with Stadium and Saucony, Lidingöloppet arranges Järva Skolstafett - a race aimed to spur an interest for recreational sports among young individuals in the Järva area.
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The 13th -14th of June: Blodomloppet Stockholm
Blodomloppet is a recreational race which manifests for the need for blood donations. Walk, jog, or run either 5 or 10 kilometers together with friends, family, or colleagues, and take the chance to register as a blood donor.
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The 4th of September: Testloppet 2023 (The Test Race 2023)
In early September, Saucony Run Club and Lidingöloppet arrange The Test Race of the TCS Lidingöloppet course - a great possibility to test your legs, the course and the energy drinks before the TCS Lidingöloppet Weekend!
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The 22rd - 24th of September: TCS Lidingöloppshelgen (The TCS Lidingöloppet Weekend)
Welcome to the big running party on Lidingö during the last weekend in September - with races for participants of all ages, with all ambitions, and on both legs and in wheelchairs!

The TCS Lidingöloppet Weekend 2023 includes the following race events (additional races may be added to the list):

Friday the 22nd of September:
Lidingö Skolstafett (Lidingö School Relay)
TCS Lidingöruset och TCS Lidingörullet
TCS Lidingöfemman (The Lidingö Five)

Saturday the 23rd of September
TCS Lidingöloppet Junior och Veteran

TCS Lidingöloppet 15
TCS Lidingöloppet 30

Sunday the 24th of of September
TCS Lilla Lidingöloppet
Rosa Bandet-loppet (The Pink Ribbon race) 10K and 4K

TCS Lidingö Knattelopp 

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The 1-31 of October: The digital race Rosa Bandet-loppet@Hemma
To enable participants from across Sweden and the world to join the pink running party, Lidingöloppet will keep arranging Rosa Bandet-loppet@Hemma throughout October 2023.
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TCS Lidingöloppet wishes all participants a great start of 2023 and lots of running joy on the trails!

For more information on the year 2023, please contact TCS Lidingöloppet's customer service:
08 765 26 15,

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