Lidingöloppet's Secretary-General on the running parties throughout 2023!

Lidingöloppet's registration site is currently full of activity - many seem eager to start the journey towards next year's running events! And it's not without reason - in an interview, Lidingöloppet's Secretary-General Cecilia Gyldén describes all the joy and excitement which will frame next year's arrangements!

Lidingöloppet's Secretary-General on the running parties throughout 2023!

Which day during 2023 will be the most joyful?
 It is almost impossible to choose one. All race events throughout the year have their own charm. But if I have to pick, I would select the TCS Lidingö Knattelopp, which will take place on Sunday the 24th of September, during the TCS Lidingöloppet race weekend. Seeing all these kids running, with or without parents, is a manifestation of the joy of movement!

Next year, TCS Lidingöloppet will be organized for the 59th time - what events during the weekend add up to 59K (if one wish to celebrate the weekend with many events)?
– Then one can for example run TCS Lidingöloppet 15K and 30K, followed by the Rosa Bandet race 4K and 10K.

This is what that makes the TCS Lidingöloppet weekend so amazing: there is a race for everyone - from 1.7 to 30K (and all the way up to 60K, for those who wish to maximize the experience)! One can run, walk, or use a wheelchair. One can be an elite participant or a recreational participant. One can be child, an adult or a senior, and male or female - all have a role and all can enjoy the event in accordance to their own goals.

As a participant, you often do not have the time to notice everything that happens during TCS Lidingöloppet - which events would you particularly like to highlight for next year?
 The TCS Lidingöloppet for example begins with Lidingö Skolstafett (the Lidingö School Relay), which is a great start. If you wish to meet other running enthusiasts and learn more about the topic of running, you can follow the Cross-Country Conference (XCC 2023), which will offer presentations and inspiration related to endurance training. The seminar is often arranged both physically and digitally. Furthermore, if you download TCS Lidingöloppet's race app before the event, you will get plenty of inspiration and information, as well as the ability to follow other participants during the races. 

Another less-known fact is that that TCS Lidingöloppet offers the opportunity to spend the night for free at local schools. You can accompany this stayover with breakfast on site to be ready for the race.

Furthermore, at the arenas Lidingövallen, Koltorp and Grönsta, there will be food and drink, exhibitions, live broadcasts and more.

In TCS Lidingöloppet 2022, participants could run alongside celebrities such as the Olympian Sarah Sjöström and the musician Dogge Doggelito. What prominent figures will take part in TCS Lidingöloppet in 2023?
– It is still too early to reveal their names, but the running party will feature well-known profiles from business, sport, and culture!

Everyone who participates in TCS Lidingöloppet's events simultaneously supports a variety of non-profit sport associations for children and the youth. If you were to list all these associations which are associated with the event, how long would the list be?
– It would be a very long list! Lidingöloppet is owned to 100 % by IFK Lidingö Skid- och Orienteringsklubb and IFK Lidingö Friidrott. In addition, to carry out our running events, thousands of race officials from sports associations, scout clubs, and schools from Lidingö and Stockholm participate. All parties receive compensation for their work, which constitutes an important financial contribution for all participating non-profit associations.

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