Lidingö Skolstafett 27/9 2024

A fun day that is all about movement and joy! For primray schools on Lidingö and in Järva.

Lidingö Skolstafett

Lidingö Skolstafett

In cooperation with the City of Lidingö, Lidingöloppet organises Lidingö Skolstafett for the schools at Lidingö. A runners' festivity that we create together!

Start and finish are at Grönsta Gärde. The course for grades 4–6 is 1.7 km and grades 7–9 run 2 km. Each relay team consists of 4 people and the teams can be boys, girls or mixed.

Start time 22/9:
09:30 – Grade 4
10:15 – Grade 5–6
13:00 – Grade 7–9

Entry and information for schools at Lidingö:
Invitation and information about the race will be sent out to principals and teachers whose pupils have participated previous years.

Do you have any questions or are you new as teacher on Lidingö? Feel free to send an e-mail to 

Lidingöloppet and the City of Lidingö gives a warm welcome to pupils and teachers participating in Lidingö Skolstafett!

Through a cooperation with Skolstafetten Järva, schools from Järva will also participate at Lidingö.

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