TCS Lidingöloppet Juniors & Veterans 28/9 2024

Saturday morning during the TCS Lidingöloppet Weekend is for the juniors and veterans. High class competitions with the best in their respective categories.

Lidingöloppet Juniors and Veterans

The air is thick of expectation and nervousness as the runners head to their starts in the morning. The prestigeous races for juniors and veterans take place in the classic tracks on Lidingö with Grönsta gärde as the center. 


  • M50 / K50 – men / women >50 years 10 km
  • M60 / K60 – men / women >60 years 10 km
  • M70 / K70 – men / women >70 years 10 km
  • M80 / K80 – men / women >80 years 4 km
  • P17 / F17 – boys / girls 17 years, 10 km
  • P19 / F19 – boys / girls 19 years, 10 km
  • M22 / K22 – men / women 22 years 10 km

M50 (men from 50 years) and M22 (med up to 22 years) from 2024 will be starting at Grönsta Gärde and and run the classic last 10 km of Lidingöloppet.

K22, P/F17–19, K50, M/K60 och M/K70 start at Grönsta gärde and run the classic last 10 km of Lidingöloppet.

M/K80 run 4 km in the forest surrounding Grönsta gärde. 

A warm welcome to everyone – young and a little less young!

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Drink Stations

Classes starting at Grönsta gärde
6.3 km from the finish
3 km from the finish
At the finish, Grönsta gärde

Classes starting at Koltorps gärde
At the start, Koltorp: water
10 km from the finish, Hustegaholm: sports drinks and water
4 km from the finish, Grönsta: : sports drinks, water, buns and bananas
At the finish, Grönsta gärde: sports drinks, water, buns and bananas

Classes / Age Categories

Junior classes
F17/F19, 10 km
P17/P19, 10 km
M22, 10 km
K22, 10 km

Veteran classes
M 50 / M60 / M70, 10 km
K50 / K60 / K70, 10 km
M80, 4 km
K80, 4 km

(F=Girls, P=Boys, M=Men, K=Women)

Competitions for juniors and veterans
Please note that the junior and veteran classes are NOT a part of TCS Lidingöloppet 30. 
If you are registered in a junior or veteran class, but start in 30 km, the result is not valid. You will be disqualified or have a time penalty. 

Medal & Diploma


You can order a diploma in paper form when you register. Price: SEK 50 incl. postage. All participants receive a diploma in PDF format in the results email, which can also be downloaded free of charge via the results page after the race weekend. As soon as the result list i set you can print your diploma.

TCS Lidingöloppet’s bronze medal is awarded to everyone who completes the race. The medal annually has a unique Carl Milles motif. If you think you ran in silver medal time and start in starting group 2 or lower, you can go to the results tent after the finish at Grönsta. There, your exact competition time is checked and the bronze medal is exchanged for a silver medal if you have passed the time.

Silver medal times

Category Distance Time
Men 30km 30 km 2.15
Women 30km 30 km 2.38
Men 15km 15 km 1.07
Women 15km 15 km 1.15
Men 50 (new 2024) 10 km 0.50
Women 50 10 km 1.05
Men 60 10 km 0.55
Women 60 10 km 1.08
Men 70 10 km 1.02
Women 70 10 km  1.10
Men 80 4 km 0.25
Women 80 4 km 0.28
Men 22 ( new 2024) 10 km 0.40
Women 22 10 km 0.45
Boys 17/19 10 km 0.42
Girls 17/19 10 km 0.50
Rosa Bandet-loppet Men 10 km 0.45
Rosa Bandet-loppet Women  10 km 0.50


Competition information

Competition information

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